Gradient visualization for surface according to z values

Hi, I have a set of ordered points that I use to create a flat surface (by putting z=0) and then I need to visualize on this flat surface a colour map according to the original z values.
I tried with the folowing approach that works on Rhino but not with ShapeDiver: (15.6 KB).
Any suggestion? Thank in advance!

Each ShapeDiver output component is limited to 64 objects for performance reasons. The definition exports one object for each branch of the input tree, in your case 253. This is needed if you want to assign different materials to each object.

In your case, you don’t really need to create so many material instances, you could instead convert the surfaces to meshes with vertex colors. The vertex colors will always be used if they exist, but you will still be able to assign other material properties (transparency, metalness, etc…) that will be common to all the objects.

See your definition with my suggested solution below, let me know if that works for your application. (46.3 KB)

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Hi Mathieu, now it is working fine!
Thank you a lot!

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This response helped me a lot. Thank you!