Gradient Perforated 2D

Hi guys,

Am relatively new to Rhino / Grasshopper and hope you guys can help me out.

I am an architecture student/intern and would like to create a 7m x 1.5m panel with gradient perforation.

The size of the holes increase from left to right, becoming less dense.

I have rendered it in Photoshop, and am hoping to achieve the effect seen in the attached two photos.

If anyone could please help me. I’ve spent close to four days pouring the internet for gradient perforation and have only achieved moderate success through construction points, etc.

Will ultimately be exporting it to DWG for laser cutting.

Many many thanks in advance!

This is a violation of Zanher patent # US 7,212,688 B2. You and the manufacturer will be sued.

This was orginally posted by Joseph Oster & works well for violating said patent. (19.9 KB)