Gradient materials with grasshopper - vray

Hi there!

I was wondering if there is any way to do a gradient from a material to other in vray for grasshopper such as the image:

Not sure if this is what you’re after, but there’s a script in this thread that will turn a gradient into a bitmap: Human - Gradient on 3D View

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Instead of making gradients with rhino coloring, make those gradients with vray materials in grasshopper

you can do that with the technique I am proposing. Do you want one V-ray material with a gradient? or do you want a thousand different v-ray materials of differing shades?

Don’t know about Vray, but Cycles supports vertex colours materials. So if you turn the Breps into meshes you can recolour them using the ramps/gradients.

I want to go from a light green to a light orange gradient, but it need to be translucent, thats why i dont know if it will work with bitmap material, but surely it would with vray mat.

wow man, this cycles thing was greek for me, i dont know what it is. What it is this?

so does V-Ray

Hi Leonardo -

Cycles is the render engine that is used in Rhino 6 for the Raytraced display mode and that is the main render engine in Rhino 7. That same engine is also used in Blender.

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nice! i did some research and found out about other options on the market as octane and evee… what made you guys opt for the cycles and not a fully 3d render? Just curious to see the opinion of developers upon this

Hi Leonardo -

I’m sure @nathanletwory can tell you more about this…

I’m not sure what that means, though.

Cycles is an actively developed, open source renderer with a license that fits our needs (Apache 2). I happen to have been involved with Blender development since 2003, so there’s that too. I don’t see how Cycles is not a fully 3d render engine.

Also, Octane and EEVEE can’t be compared between each other, EEVEE is a pure OpenGL renderer, Octane and Cycles are not. EEVEE can’t be integrated into Rhino because it has incompatible licensing (GPL). Here he explains why those normal renders arent fully 3d and more of a hack. You can skip for the video end if want the long story short.