Gradient mapping

hi, so I have Gis information and i’m using Heron plugin for it.
I have buidlings, heights and everything.
now I have the year building construction on each building, and I want to showing it with gradient map, but I’m having troubles to do so. I have a list of years. what should I do?

thank you!

Something like this, perhaps?

unfortunately, It doesn’t seem to work properly.
when I do that, the gradient is very Not diverse.
I did classified manually the buildings before, and the gradient result doesn’t match at all.

I know you wondering why to bother graident if I already did it manual, its beacuse i did it with range of years, so its not as accurate as I would like.

The difference between your list and my, it’s that the list contain 1373 numbers, but in graft, as well as the list of the buildings.
of course I did flatten to the lists so they will connect, but the result is it what you see.
the numbers list isn’t in certain order like yours. its just list that state the year of each building.