Gradient Hatch technical testing

Hi - I’m not seeing that here:

I don’t have a printer though. What happens when you set that to No Printer Selected or, in that dialog, use the Save as PDF option?

Just a small usability suggestion. Is it really necessary to click the EDIT button to be able to change the points? Why not make it as in the spotlights? They also have control points that are not strictly geometry but you can edit them as soon as you select the object.

Don’t know, just trying to avoid extra clicks…

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Another issue would be the display order of the hatches, cause it changes a lot the results when they are overlapping. In the example, black&white gradient with 50% alpha.

For Some reason, i can’t get the classic color picker… it seems that one can’t control transparancy (Lastest upadte for the WIP )

Wim, I replied directly. Let me know if you did not receive the example file and screenshots.

it is much faster than rhino 6, but unfortunately with textures it is still difficult. the textures I mean are small shapes such as 1 mm balls repeated on a flat or hemispherical surface. I put an example in the image


I just checked the printing issue on a Windows machine and it works just fine. It must be a MAC only issue.

I did however find a few transparency glitches in Windows:

Coplanar hatches transparency works.

Transparent hatch elevated above lines and selected works.

Same objects deselected looses transparency.

RH-56918 is fixed in the latest WIP

Is there a way to adjust transparency on a non-gradient hatch?

Earlier in this thread

Please see this announcement

Hi Steve,

Just tried it on a hatch. Works perfectly! I love that transparency is in the Select Layer Colour dialog. Very intuitive.

Will the option be added to adjusting transparency ByObject?

So happy this has been implemented. I’ve been hoping for this feature for a long time. Thanks so much!

Yes, we are working on this. There is an issue with our color dialog that we are trying to fix before exposing the controls “ByObject”


Hi @stevebaer,

can you take a look again on my gradient test from 2019:

It seams not to print in Rhino 7 WIP anymore. Hm? And what about transparent printing to PNGs?



Hi @stevebaer,

with the latest WIP it prints again.

Printing to PNG with a transparent background doesn’t work, that’s sad.



Hi Michael - that request is on the list as RH-10758 and is currently on the Future list.

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Thanks Steve. Any update on this as either gradient or solid transparency for vector objects would be a seriously good tool to have when printing pdfs. Is there any open source for PDF export from Rhino as I would like to try and code if there was an opportunity to get this feature.

Single color transparency should already work. It is the gradient transparency that has been really hard to figure out.

Thanks Steve - solid works great.

Loving all the hatch enhancements. ie Gradient and Transparent hatches as well as the ability to trim hatches!

There is an old v6 behaviour that I miss and that’s the ability to change the current layer mid-command. This still works for most other commands, but isn’t currently possible for hatches.

Any chance this behaviour can be reinstated?