Gradient Flow on Mesh

A new tool that will make a particle flowing along the maximum gradient on a mesh. If no weights on mesh vertex, the tool will use the height of the vertex, so by default it is a Rain Flow. A step is per face so you don’t need to input a step distance but rather a maximum number of steps.

There will be an option in order to have also the reverse flow (bottom to top)



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looks useful for simulation of water flow on shade sails. Is this functionality contained in a plugin?

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It will be published in Nautilus plugin.
It is not dedicated to Water flow, many plugins already do this Parakeet, Gismo … and also many discussions

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Here a different use of Gradient Flow.
I have a Voronoi pattern that needed to be printed with just one path

Of the idea is to offset it, make a Spanning tree that links the cells

And then bridge the cells

Lets say I put a weight of 100 of the red dot and 0 at all others places. And then I smooth the weights. I could also use geodesic distance or heat flow.

Gradient Flow of the weight gives that

Weight Smoothing Cotan Weight Method

Weight Smoothing Edge Length Method/Uniform method


Nautilus 1.3 is out so you can now test the tools. I hope it works on Mac now !

Here a way to make the simulation of rain flow on an object with the idea that the flow will continue a bit below the object but will at the end fall.

The idea is to populate each vertex of the mesh with an angle and to limit the maximum angle. As the tool follow the gradient going from high value to lower, the angle with Z is negated.

Then I use Gradient Flow, Mesh ray in order for the flow or to go to the ground or to go back on the mesh.

mesh rain flow and limit (24.3 KB)


On version 1.4 I added some tool that are a bit more generic.
In order to generate a flow the tool must have a Vector for each vertex of the mesh.
Vectors could be generated by

*A vector field

So it gives that

Vectors could be rotated

So it is possible to have multiple directions fields from the same scalar weights


Version 1.5 brings some improvements and bug removal.
Now mesh vertices works well. Tell me if there is a problem.
There is now a component with a better field evaluation
From this

To this

From that