Gradient based on area

Stupid question, I am obviously missing something.
Why gradient doesn’t work properly? Trying to colour based on area of individual surface.

Thank you (589.9 KB)

It is actually working fine. The problem is you have some very large surfaces which take up the extreme, so all the little ones get pushed to the bottom of the gradient causing them to all look the same as you don’t really have many sizes between the very big and all the small ones.

See here when using just a portion of the smaller faces. You will notice even then there is not much of a gradient because you have x amount of similar size faces so in this case it looks like just 3 colors because there are 3 similar face sizes. The more variety in face sizes and the more even distribution of face sizes from large to small, the more gradient you will see.

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I see. Will maybe cull some of the big ones first. Thank you