Grabbing Pareto Front parameter from Octopus

I want to do a multi-objective optimization through Octopus.
In the beginning, I have done a very simple test using the famous Schaffer function N. 1 function where the goal is to minimize two simple functions of X^2 and (X-2)^2.
After completion of optimization, I want to export two sets of data: parameters and objectives of the Pareto Front solutions.
I used Pandas data frame to visualize my exported data. The Objective data seems correct and matches the optimal solution shown in Schaffer function N. 1.

However, the parameters did not seem correct. To evaluate, I retrieved my parameter X which is the square root of my first function. But they do not match with the "parameter[%of slider value] " that I export from my optimization process. So I am confused that what exactly does “parameter[%of slider value]” represents? and How can I get the parameters’ value of the Pareto front solutions?
( in this case, it was easy since the functions are too simple and I can calculate the x parameter but later the functions will be complicated)

I have attached my file.

ThanksSchaffer function|attachment (209.1 KB)