GPU lighting, shaded display mode, linework goes to x-ray

Since I have this new Quadro RTX card I wouldn’t mind stretching her legs a bit and prettying up the viewport.

When I turn on the GPU lighting or enable AO all the linework goes to X-Ray.

Is there another setting I’m not seeing? Known issue? Or I’m having a unique driver issue or something.

A new fix was checked into Rhino 6 this week that may be related:

When this change makes it into the SR Candidate and ultimately into the Service Release, it will be interesting to see if this is fixed too.
They seem similar to me.

Hrmm… discussion above my head a bit. Here’s some screens. Default first then with gpu or AO

P.S. Z fighting making me mental still. I don’t know if you can upvote on jetbrains but… please we need a display mode option to eliminate it.