GPU Kachelgrafik on Intel 4000?!?


this is what I get in Rhino WIP (21.06.2017) with my beloved Intel HD 4000 and GPU on:

GPU off looks good to me:



P.S.: Hi @Joachim_Kuntz, the translation ‘Kachelgrafik’ sounds wired, I wouldn’t have an idea, what it would mean. I think tessellation means here ‘Detailierung’, or ‘Verfeinerung’, or ‘Unterteilung’.

Yes, I turned on GPU Tessellation by default in the latest WIP to see if anyone notices. The bug that you are describing does appear to happen on another Intel HD 4000 GPU that I am testing on in the office. I’m trying to figure out if I can work around this driver bug, but it may end up that we will just have to disable this feature for that specific GPU.

I’ve created a bug report to detect this specific driver and disable GPU tessellation in that case.

Hi @Michael_Meyer , thanks for the hint. Just now we are translating the latest lot of RH6 strings, which is a good opportunity to sort that out.

RH-40027 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Hi @Michael_Meyer , since I’m about to commit a new strings project, it would be a good moment to get rid off obsolete and/or quirky terminology. Anyway, am I right by assuming the kind of tessellation we are talking about is the one described below?

Hi @Joachim_Kuntz,

yes, the article Tessellation (computer graphics) is the correct one.



@Michael_Meyer : I finally chose Unterteilung.

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