Got stuck here

Guys, I asked the Rhino to extract the offset of the rectangle from its extrution and to trim the surface extents of its divisional extremities but it failed to execute my demand…HELP!

Hi Tobias - got s file? I’m having trouble picturing the situation…


Hi Pascal,

Never mind… it was _Move Face :slight_smile:

Pascal, you must be one of the most patient guys on the planet, that you even tried to answer this question.
And I must have lost all my credibility here posting this… hahaha

Actually I am in Swaziland right now and I’m teaching Rhino to some guys, and one of them asked me this exact question. We had such a laugh.

So I did what I always tell the students to do… post it on discourse :slight_smile:

Gr Tobias

Wow - cool. good on ya! What is the context of this (teaching, I mean)?