Goodbye RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac

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(Rudolf Neumerkel) #53


thank you for the update and the hard work you guys are putting in!

Is there a more elaborate list of features (PlugIn-compatibility, performance etc.) we can expect in Rhino 6 for Mac?

Greetings from Vienna,


(Dan Belcher) #54

Hi Rudi-

Thanks for the kind words. We wish we had a public RhinoWIP ready for people to test, but we are just not there yet, I’m afraid. We are indeed working hard on it and I feel like the project is getting more mindshare and attention as Rhino 6 for Window stabilizes (there have been a couple critical issues on Windows that we hope are not resolved). Back to Mac…

We do not have a more elaborate list.

For Rhino 6 for Mac, we are working toward feature parity with Rhino 6 for Windows. So, what you find in Rhino 6 for Windows, we hope to have in Rhino 6 for Mac (eventually). However, complete feature parity will not prevent us from publishing RhinoWIP for you to test.

Performance is a broad category. Display performance? Rhino 6 for Mac’s display pipeline is really Rhino 6 for Window’s display pipeline (in that subsystem, nearly the same code-paths are executed on both platforms) so you should see the quality and speed improvements on Mac that you see on Windows. Make2D performance? That’s a lot faster than Rhino 5 for Mac. But again, we need to get it in front of you to test.

As for plugin compatibility: We plan to continue to support third-party plugin developers who use RhinoCommon. That was our focus for Rhino 5 for Mac and that will not change for Rhino 6 for Mac. Do you have a specific plugin that you are concerned about?

Currently, we’re trying to balance the concerns of wanting very much to get a RhinoWIP in front of users and making it stable and usable enough that you don’t get frustrated and loose interest. I can tell you today that it still does not feel ready.



(Rudolf Neumerkel) #56

First of all, thank you Dan for the reply!

This sounds great! I am really looking forward for the WIP and hopefully being able to support the development a bit.

I was thinking specifically about Grasshopper performance - responsiveness of the UI (especially in fullscreen) and speed of the calculation of a script.

As far as the PlugIns are concerned, I am for example currently using Karamba3D and EvoluteTools which are apparently not available for Rhino for Mac.

Greetings, Rudi

p.s.: props for implementing the multi-touch panning with the TrackPad for gh. Very useful when you are shortly checking some things on the go :slight_smile:

(Dan Belcher) #57

I do not anticipate the responsiveness of the UI to change/improve much over the course of Grasshopper (1). We are porting the Grasshopper (1) for Windows code over to Mac and I know that - when definitions get quite large - there are slowdowns when redrawing the definition to the screen. That said, if there are demonstrable instances where a specific definition is much faster to draw in Grasshopper for Windows than Grasshopper for Mac, we would like to know about it.

and speed of the calculation of a script.

This may improve in some cases. Late in the development of Grasshopper for Windows, we introduced some multi-threaded components. We intend to port these changes to Grasshopper for Mac, but we just haven’t gotten there quite yet.

As far as the PlugIns are concerned, I am for example currently using Karamba3D and EvoluteTools which are apparently not available for Rhino for Mac.

This is up to the third-party developer of those plugins. We’d be happy to support their efforts to migrate those components to Grasshopper for Mac. In some cases, it is quite easy; in other cases it can be quite involved if there are many Windows dependencies.

Thanks again for the feedback!


Embarrassingly checking this youtrack list religiously when I get to work. Our Seattle office lives in Mac Rhino. We’ll be stoked for the update :ok_hand:.


Glad I’m not the only one. I get all excited when the list gets down to under five projects under stop-ship status.
Thats the moment when a bunch of more items are added to the stop-ship pile, killing my enthusiasm. :grinning:

Can’t wait to take the new beta for a spin when it is ready.:+1:

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Cue for playing “The Circle of Life” by misters John and Rice.

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The stop-ship list is down to just 3 items as I Write this. So so close!

(Oliver Hay) #62

Hey! really looking forward to WIP version of rhino 6.
Question about plug-ins:
Will they work with the WIP version and will the same plugins be available that currently run on windows?
(specifically will v-ray now run on rhino for Mac?)

cheers and thanks for all the hard work.


(John Brock) #63

All “major” plug-ins use tools that are Rhino version and operating system specific so generally no, plug-ins for Windows Rhino will Not work for Mac Rhino.

VRay is a good example. Chaosgroup will need to determine if there is enough potential sales of a Mac version of VRay to do that work.
VRay for Rhino V6 for Windows will not work for Rhino V6 for Mac.

(Oliver Hay) #64

Thanks for your quick response.

That’s a shame about VRay… waiting game continues!

(John Brock) #65

To provide the tools users expect, OS specific tools must be used in their development.
It’s just the nature of the process.

To provide a little perspective, is it a “shame” that the water pump for a 2015 Chrysler won’t fit on a 2015 Chevy?
After all, they are both 2015 model year cars…


the list has suddenly grown again to 7 :open_mouth:

(John Brock) #67

You can expect the list to shrink and grow as more development work is done and more people are working on it; both finding and fixing problems.

It’s not a “fixed” list.
It’s like a grocery list. Items are added and removed as needed.

(Fabiano Friedrich) #68

Could you tell me if there are any improvements on texture mapping on WIP for v6?
I think this is my biggest pet peeve in Rhino Mac… apart from not being able to export simple animations or bones… in both versions of Rhino.

(Brian James) #71

Yes, the goal is for the same texture mapping tools in Rhino 6 for Windows to also be in Rhino 6 for Mac. There are still missing bits and pieces and some bugs to iron out but we’re aiming to get it to a decent spot before the first Rhino 6 for Mac WIP. Once that’s released and you can take a look it would be great to get your feedback.

(Fabiano Friedrich) #73

Great news. I will definitely keep participate on the feedback.
I think the most important thing missing in texture mapping is the ability to unwrap UV maps.
When I’m modelling for my architecture studio I can normally get away with simple mapping and sometimes some crude work with custom mapping, but when I do work for my video game company, which requires me to model smaller objects, I suffer quite a bit, because by video games rules I need to pack as much information in a texture as I can. I cannot have 1 texture for the bottle, 1 for the label and 1 for the cap, I need 1 texture for all and sometime 1 texture for more than one object.
Anyway I think any improvement will be appreciated.


Down to 3 on the current ‘to do’ list. No doubt more items could be added at any moment, but is this WIP version likely to be released any time soon?