Goodbye RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac


the list has suddenly grown again to 7 :open_mouth:

(John Brock) #67

You can expect the list to shrink and grow as more development work is done and more people are working on it; both finding and fixing problems.

It’s not a “fixed” list.
It’s like a grocery list. Items are added and removed as needed.

(Fabiano Friedrich) #68

Could you tell me if there are any improvements on texture mapping on WIP for v6?
I think this is my biggest pet peeve in Rhino Mac… apart from not being able to export simple animations or bones… in both versions of Rhino.

(Brian James) #71

Yes, the goal is for the same texture mapping tools in Rhino 6 for Windows to also be in Rhino 6 for Mac. There are still missing bits and pieces and some bugs to iron out but we’re aiming to get it to a decent spot before the first Rhino 6 for Mac WIP. Once that’s released and you can take a look it would be great to get your feedback.

(Fabiano Friedrich) #73

Great news. I will definitely keep participate on the feedback.
I think the most important thing missing in texture mapping is the ability to unwrap UV maps.
When I’m modelling for my architecture studio I can normally get away with simple mapping and sometimes some crude work with custom mapping, but when I do work for my video game company, which requires me to model smaller objects, I suffer quite a bit, because by video games rules I need to pack as much information in a texture as I can. I cannot have 1 texture for the bottle, 1 for the label and 1 for the cap, I need 1 texture for all and sometime 1 texture for more than one object.
Anyway I think any improvement will be appreciated.


Down to 3 on the current ‘to do’ list. No doubt more items could be added at any moment, but is this WIP version likely to be released any time soon?


There’s one on the list, thats ‘close to zero’, it must be coming soon :slight_smile:

(Dan Belcher) #76

We just published the first Release Candidate for the 5.5 update to Rhino 5 for Mac. It is strongly recommended you update to 5.5 so that your preferences are compatible with the upcoming RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac.


And if you read the comments, the one remaining issue is essentially completed as well, it is just they are waiting until the beta is ready.

Given @dan 's note above, it sounds like it is very close to appearing!

(Dan Belcher) #78

The first RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac is now available for testing. Please head on over to the Serengeti Mac category and help us out by testing and reporting bugs.


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(Pablo) #80

Great news! Can I download the WIP with a Rhino 6 Windows commercial key?

(Stu Bevan) #81

Hey Dan, I just downloaded WIP and got my Serial emailed to me. It says “When Rhino 6 is released, your Rhino for Mac WIP license will expire and you will be able to purchase a Rhino 6 license”. Does this mean that my purchased Rhino 5 for Mac serial will not work for 6 and I will need to buy again??




That is correct. New major versions of Rhino always require you to purchase a new license. You can continue to use version 5 if you reckon that you don’t need the new features in version 6.

(Stu Bevan) #83

Ouch…How much? I am looking at buying Maxwell so I can do a decent render. In light of having to buy the new Rhino 6 can you advise how Rhino Render in 6 compares even with Maxwell or even Fluidray? thanks for the reply.




That really is in the eye of the beholder. I can only suggest that you try Rhino 6 and decide for yourself if it does the job for you. Note that this is the very first WIP of Rhino 6 on Mac and that you should expect a number of things not to work correctly.


are you talked to the guys of san serif with their affinity suite? Because just yesterday they released the oublic beta of the affinity publisher app -> the Indesign killer :slight_smile:
And I hoped for both a long time… Rhino 6 mac Wip and Affinity Publisher beta -> Now it happened on one day -> crazy.
If you don’t talk to them maybe it should be great because affinity designer is a very good and heavy illustration Programm and maybe you find a good way to change the data between affinity designer and Rhino maybe over the rhino oder affinity format like how do it goes with the ai. format.

Many thanks and best regards!

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Will there be upgrade pricing?


As V6 licenses have been publicly available since the 14th of February, the introductory upgrade period with a special discount ended 15 of May… However, the standard V5–>V6 upgrade prices should be available (they are already).