Good tutorials for architectural visualization from cad

Does anyone know of some great resources for archviz in Rhino? I am moving to Rhino from sketchup and would like to learn more strategies coming from sketchup. Free or paid would be great.

Ronen Bekerman’s site is a good start:

thanks Richard for the info. I was speaking more to the creation of geometry and modeling the spaces and items then actual rendering. I already use Vray for sketchup, and I also have keyshot for rendering as well. I was talking more about tutorials on best practices for meddling the architecture and architectural elements. thanks.

when you go to the menu bar under section help you find some useful stuff for getting into it.
since you are pretty much a beginner this should cover you for a few hours.

after that dont mind asking in the forum, there are plenty of helpful people around.

on they have a good rhino turorials by Dave Schultze who is an architect/industrial designer. that’s the tutorial in learned from and i can recommend it.