Good 3D scanner?

Looking for a decent 3D scanner which can get like a precision to capture detail of
something a size of wrist watches.

I don’t need to get the full smooth surfaces, but get a good enough point data
so that it can be used as reference for modelling in Rhino.

I sometimes use clay to check usability of things then model as is, but 3D scanner would really speed up measuring precision.(hopefully).

Tried 3D scanner from Matter and Form, not sure if I’m doing setting right or what not,
but I’m thinking hmm… maybe I should ask the pros here.

Any tip welcome!


Where do your accuracy and resolution numbers need to be?

The accuracy needs to be ± 0.05, ±0.02or below would be great.
Resolution not so high as I’ll redraw it anyway, so the accuracy of getting cross sections of the object is preferred.
Thickness is max around 20mm, length 60mm 〜110or so, and width maybe 40mm.

I found a software solution which uses any digital camera images, just multiple shots to get a 3D, but need to test out how accurate that is…

would you tell us what is the software sollution?

There is a software thats call Photoscan - Agisoft, that does a pretty good job, but you need to read the manual to use it decently. The way you take the photos is very specific, and you have to adjust the properties for the camera. I would say that works better than a lot of low price scanners

You’ll need to have a substantial budget to get that sort of accuracy, meaning tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re scanning as a one time project it may be useful to look into outsourcing the scan.

Thanks @OSTexo, I was afraid of that…
I guess I can try the software solution that @Antonio_Cersosimo referred to

I’ll try that one out! if I can get decent cross sections of some areas that would still help.

I think it was photoscan from agisoft as @Antonio_Cersosimo mentioned.
I was just searching around so can’t clearly recall…

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Hmm. I only had experience with handheld scanners, but… If i understood it right size of the whole object you have to scan is about 100x70mm. Space Spider can scan such small objects with good accuracy, I But I don’t think it would be a wise choice. Anyway I left the link to manufacturers site, so you may read about it yourself. But As I know there are desktop scanners designed for objects of this size.

woah! mad expensive!
waiting for someone to do crowd funding…
using good ol calipers, micrometers, etc…
Then print and refine…

Was just searching if there’s like a pen shape 3D scanner to touch and input points.
Maybe I can do a crowd funding of my own…

@Toshiaki_Takano there actually is something maybe fulfilling your needs and its very affordable.

Cool! I’ll check for reviews!

It seems to get distance but not the 3D point itself.
Maybe I’ll check other reviews.

its supposed to give you the exact curvature of any surface. i will of course not work like a 3d arm at least not from what i have seen if thats what you need.

Here’s one to check out.

Will check out more. Thanks.

Can’t afford it!
Spec is awesome though.

have you considered purchasing a next engine scanner off of ebay?

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Haven’t considered used yet, I’ll check it out. Thanks!