Goldberg polyhedra subdiv on revolved surface

Is it possible to subdivide a revolved surface with a Goldberg polyhedra (hexagons+pentagons) in a way that the pentagon is located on the revolution axis?

A Goldberg polyhedron has icosahedral symmetry, so it cannot be a general revolved surface. For a sphere I believe Rhino Polyhedra will generate various Goldberg polyhedra.

If you are asking about more general shapes with hexagonal/pentagonal faces though -

If the target surface is close enough to a sphere, you could generate the subdivided mesh on a sphere then wrap it onto the target.

For more general shapes though, you will need not just pentagons but also some heptagons.

Here’s a way you can remesh to pentagons/hexagons/heptagons while keeping rotational symmetry: (13.8 KB)

thnak you!
which are those plugigs?

Hi @Balazs
Which version of Rhino are you running?
Those are native components, so the message should go away if you update.