gltf-BinExporter question, how to suppress the UI dialog

If I run the below script, call to gltf-binexporter, it will pop-up a dialog, however, I checked the codes of the gltf-binExporter, if the command RunMode = Scripted, it will not pop-up a dialog, how to use RunScript but trigger the command using scripted run mode then? Thanks so much!

var script = “_-Export all Enter " + filePath + " Enter Draco Enter Yes Enter Yes Enter 5 Enter 8 Enter 8 Enter 8 Enter Yes Enter”;

RhinoApp.RunScript(script, false);


Yes, there’s a bug.

I’ll put in a fix here shortly
I’ve fixed the issue and pushed version that you can download the PackageManager now. The script I used for testing is:

var script = "_-Export all _Enter " + filePath + " _Enter";

RhinoApp.RunScript(script, true);

Great, Thanks Johshua!