GLSL Geometry Shader Text

Hi @mrhe awesome GHGL! please could you upload a short example using transform feedback?
thank you!

Sure thing Thomas,

I posted an example to the official GHGL GitHub repo:

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@mrhe Did you ever end up submitting this?

I’d love to play around with the GHGL code within the context of a C# component, that seems really interesting.


I submitted the PR focusing on TransformFeedback, you can find more details here:

GHGL is effectively a GH component which allows for direct interaction with OpenGL. The source code is freely available and you can make derivative components based on its core. It’s not trivial, but I enjoyed the ride and learned a lot in the process.

Thank you! Sorry I realize that’s exactly what you posted right above my last reply.

It’s definitely over my head for now but I played a little with HLSL in Unreal Engine and have some use cases I want to specifically try out GHGL for and your transformation feedback stuff is very cool, thanks for sharing

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