Glow worm in Neon


…is it working? It seems like it does, but not as strong an effect as in Brazil.


what is this glow worm you speak of?


It’s one of the optional variations on the Brazil Advanced Material. It’s pretty basic but it has “incandescence,” which is potentially useful as a faster alternative to subsurface scattering.


Speaking of glowworm, is there a way to add the incandescence effect to a different material? Or adding reflection and refraction to the glowworm material? I see there is a relect/refract shader, would that be the ticket? EDIT…on trying it either it doesn’t work or the slowdown is to the level of using SSS.

(Brian James) #5

Fastest option I see with the currently supported BZ features.

FauxSSS_BZ_Neon.3dm (285.8 KB)

(Andrew le Bihan) #6

Sorry - no. Glowworm is now supported in Neon yet.


sad, I was getting excited there for a sec


It’s just another reason why if you like Neon you should get Brazil. Not only are there features Neon just doesn’t do yet, unless you’ve got a Caustic card and are really exploiting the things it can do exponentially faster, Brazil’s caches can beat it. Thanks to Neon’s interactivity making it easier to get the scene set up properly, I have more time to get Brazil’s speedups optimized.