Glossy metal look

I would like to know how I make this metal object, in the shape of a ring, glossy on all sides.
Now only the inner parts are shiny and the front and inside are matt.

Did you use a Rhino Metal material for the object?

  • Use a Rhino Metal material
  • Ensure a good environment is used

Thanks for your answer.
But I used Rhino Meat material
And I tried different environments, which is the good environment???

Hi @Doje

That object at that angle will reflect nothing but ground plane (and a wee but of self-reflection), so if you want some neat reflections either a) remove the groundplane to let the environment be reflected or b) add texture/bump to the groundplane so that the reflection of the groundplane is more exciting.

HTH, Jakob

PS Also might wanna round those edges just a tiny bit for some better highlights!

Thanks, I want a white grounplane with shadow and reflection.
I understand thats a problem.