Global domains limit reached


We have reach the limit of 10 global domains
Local domains are supposed not to count in the limit, but as you can see, they do count…

So I’m not able to add a new one.

Can you authorize more domains on our profile ??



Local domains are domains of the form localhost:PORT_NUMBER or There are no local domains list in your list above.
If you want to add domains to your account, please contact us for an upgrade to your account.

Rare are the cases where a pro developer only uses localhost/ with ports !
It is now convenient to use via docker instances or other local servers with domains such as site1.local and site2.local or any other extension like site3.docker.localhost which are not public domain extensions. Could you add a filter for non public extensions please? Please look to this official list.
Best wishes =)

Thanks for the suggestion. We agree that it would make sense to count non-public domain extensions as testing domains which do not count towards the limit. For now, we have added a task to allow any domains ending with .local or .localhost to be counted as testing domains. I will let you know in this thread when the update is released.

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@pierreyves.jacques We have released the platform 2.9 update on friday, which among other things now counts domains of the forms *.local, *.local:*, *.localhost and *.localhost:* as local domains. Please have a try and let me know if you have any questions.

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This is working ! Many thanks

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