Global coordinate system doesn't match

I’m working with the model as provided in this challenge (also attached): GE jet engine bracket challenge

When I load it into Simscale the model faces positive Z direction, however when I load into Simscale the model faces negative Z.

I’ve tried loading into other tools and they all match up the Simscale orientation - Am I missing something here?



original.stp (91.9 KB)

Hello - is this consistent? Please try the attached.

Z.stp (226.9 KB)


Hi Pascal,

The model you shared is indeed consistent, which still leaves me puzzled as to why the GE bracket is incorrectly oriented in Rhino3D?



Note that the model loads as expected in Ansys:

image (57)

image (56)

And in Formflow:

BUMP, some input would be really appreciated - the issue seems to be with this specific STP file.