Glitchy screen ghosted mode on macbook air mid 2011

I have some chlitchy screen issues on my macbook air mid 2011 when in ghosted mode.

macbook air 2011 4GB
Yosemite 10.10.3
Rhino 5.0.1

Thanks Kevin.

I have seen similar on my iMac, but it is only intermittent during refresh. I assumed limit of my 256MB video card on this old iMac. Nice to see your a Fourth Axis user too Kevin.

Hi Bill, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I was playing a bit with Fourth axes as we are fitting a CNC machine with mach3 at our Maker/artspace.
And the the glitch showed up and made a screenshot.

For people who are curious about 4th axes, it’s a clever way to CNC mill rings(or other small objects) on your (Roland) CNC machine fitted with a 4th axes.

You can read the article here:

I used to get that exact graphic problem with my Lenovo X220, which is also not really made for 3D work either.

It’s interesting that the problem is cross platform. I think that it’s inherent in the Intel Integrated 2000/3000 GPU, or its drivers.