Glitchy extrusion - (6.16.19169.14484, 2019-06-18)

I’ve been having an issue extruding curves to create a closed surface. I think the problem only occurs when the selected curves include surface edges. Not sure though.

What happens is that when initiating the extrusion having selected all the curves and edges, Rhino is showing a static extrusion length that doesn’t respond to user interaction. See video below (please disregard that the finished object is transparent, that’s just the material assigned to the layer).

Hello - please post a file with all these inputs in it, I’ll take a look.


Hi @pascal

I have a feeling this is linked to this issue: Snapping problem in multiple viewports 6.16.19134.12066

With this snapping issue, I experienced it further, and I have found that clicking on the viewport title kicks snapping into life.

It would make sense that if the cursor is being ignored within a given viewport that a) snapping would not work, and b) the extrusion distance (as per this thread) would not react.

I can try to provide some geometry but I have a feeling this is not model or geometry specific, but rather a bug in the Mac Beta that’s been around for a little while now.


edit: I should add that clicking inside the viewport behaves as you would expect so you have to be quite careful to clock on the viewport title otherwise you end up completing the current command but without the certainty provided via snapping