Glitches in Rendered view mode


I have noticed a strange glitch using the Rendered view mode when I have objects with custom materials assigned:

  1. When I try and click and drag to select multiple objects, the viewport flashes between zoom levels.

  2. When the object is selected and I click on the background to deselect it, the viewport jumps zoom levels. This also happens when I click to select the object in the first place, but less consistently.

I have uploaded a video to demonstrate the issue:

The issue was not evident in version 5A766w, but is evident in versions 5A783w and 5A794w.

I have uploaded the example 3dm file for others to replicate. ExampleRenderGlitch.3dm (191.9 KB)

Please let me know if this is only happening for me, or others can replicate this glitch.


HI Andrew- thanks, I see this in your file. I’ll add it to the heap.