Glazing Panels Edge Optimization

Hello, this is a structure column made of steel members with glass cladding on to the exterior of the column. the glass panels must be on offset 6 cm from the outer face of the steel which I have done.
my problem is that I can’t control the size of the glass panels that the edges meet each other, i want to be able to control the connection between panels. so later i would be able to have the accurate size of the panels for fabrication.

thank you for your time.

Mosque Column for fabrication analysis.3dm (5.5 MB)
Mosque Column for fabrication (18.3 KB)

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Some old code adjusted:

FIrst creating a mesh of your brep. Second, offsetting it. (No vertices offset) Now you can use the faces to create a brep or/and offset them inwards to get the right spacing between the glass panels etc. Hope this helps.

Mosque Column for fabrication (28.1 KB)


wow man this is brilliant thank you so much. i really appreciate it.

Brillant solution !!!