Glas material doesnt render

If I assign the material “glass” to a window from VA via the layer, this will not be rendered. Even if I turn off the plane.
Any ideas where the problem lies?

Thanks and regards

EikeWindow_test.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi ERahjes

V-Ray materials for custom render mesh objects (like VA’s objects) will be supported in the next update of V-Ray Next for Rhino.

Hey Nikolay,
I use Vray 3.6.
Assigning materials in VA has always worked.

working with v-ray next .
Inside room.


You need to learn how to use V-ray.
Check this.

ok… the next weired thing…

i downgraded to 3.60.02 and now this is happening, the window is invisible - magic?

I think you need to check vray Render output settings then try to active safe frame.