Glare analysis

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if it is possible when doing a fisheye picture-based glare analysis to define a range of values that one can consider as a possible glare source, define this area of glare source on a picture and then project it back on to the objects to find for example an area on the glazing that is a source of glare for a given position and view of a person

I would kindly appriciate any help!

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Hi Wim!

Thanks, but I’ve been trying to visit this forum fro a while and for some reason it appers to be not working

Hi - it appears to be working from where I am. In which way is it not working for you?

When I’m following the link in any browser it is trying to connect to the server but then says that time of response is finished
in Chrome type of error is “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

Just fine with Firefox.:grinning:

I tried both on Chrome and Firefox and it works just fine. :thinking: