Gl Shading / open GL Shader

Hi there,
I just tried to upload a model with a gl shader Node to Shapedriver and it does not allow that node. Does anyone know if there is a way to get an open GL Shader with variables uploaded?
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What is your goal exactly? If you want to manipulate materials of the objects displayed in the online ShapeDiver viewer, you can use the Display components of the ShapeDiver plugin.

So the final product for the customer is a programmes vertex shader with different layers mixed. I wrote the shader in GL and wanted the customer to be able to play around with all the variables online before I finalize the shader and give it to them. So I would need to run the GL Code and use the inputs if that is possible with another Plugin or Node.
The display components only seem to allow predefined inputs, so that would not do the job.

The ghgl plugin is not and can not be supported on ShapeDiver, and in general it will not be possible to display custom-defined materials in the viewer such as the ones created by this plugin.

We have plans to expose custom shaders in the online viewer in the future. However, this will be available through the viewer API only (and possibly the online platform). I will let you know when we make progress about this topic.

Hi, thanks for the update. Shapedriver already helped me a lot to comunicate possibilities with my customer, that was just an additional thing I wanted to try.
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