Give control back to command prompt after attribute user text edition


The control isn’t given back to the command prompt after a key or value field is edited.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. select an object with already defined user texts
  2. go to ‘Attribute User Text’ panel
  3. edit a key or value field
  4. press ‘Enter’
  5. try to type any command right after >> nothing gets typed in the prompt.

You have to click back on the viewport to see the blinking bar again and be able to type commands. This is kind of suboptimal as you have to move your hand away from the keyboard, grab the mouse and click on the viewport.

Expected result:
It should be possible to type a command right after pressing ‘Enter’.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Got that, thanks.

RH-59642 Enter does not return focus to the command line


RH-59642 is fixed in the latest WIP