Git to manage Rhino files?

I currently use Git to manage my C++ development workflow. Since Git is generally agnostic, is it reasonable to use it to manage detailed architectural models (Rhino 5)?

This has been mentioned before, the answer given was no it’s not practical, just too big of files.

Git does support large files with this. If you try it let us know how it worked out, I’m kinda interested but not enough to try. :wink:

i gave it go, and @JimCarruthers was right. unless you have a bunch of disk space the repos are heavy. i have about 50mb of models and grasshopper refs, but the repo totals 1.68 gb. it’s possible that i don’t quite understand how LFS works though.

edit: maybe this is only beneficial if your repo is on remote drive

A git repository clone holds the entire history of all branches. When you update your binary files frequently you’ll essentially end up with that many copies of your files you modified. There might be some compression, I don’t know. But your changesets just will be huge.

If you really want to track modifications to your assets you should find a textual format you reliably can use. That kind of data works fine in SCM systems.

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thanks for the explanation.

i guess i should have looked into LFS more before I passed it on as a possible solution. :wink: