Giraffe Pattern

My goal is to make ‘Giraffe Pattern’ but avoiding some spots(above the red ring).

Do you have any suggestion to achieve this?


Before @Joseph_Oster shoots you in public for that, can you attach your GH file with internalized geometry ?

I’d suggest simply cutting your egg by the circle (or a horizontal surface), and use that brep as the input of your Populate Geometry and Split Brep.

I don’t always beg for a GH file (“shoots you in public” is an extremely violent way of putting it!) but even when I do, I almost always put people on ignore for three months when they start a thread without posting a file.

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I think it was there, now we can shot him for double posting :sweat_smile:

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I uploaded a possible solution in the other thread.
If someone could merge those…

…same goes for duplicate topics.


Giraffe pattern question (152.2 KB)

Sorry omitted the file.
I reposted it because I thought tagging Kangaroo didn’t seem right.
It seems like I can’t erase the post by myself.