Giraffe pattern on organic surface

Girafee Cone.3dm (149.0 KB)
Giraffe pattern question (24.5 KB)

Hello I am trying to create giraffe pattern on this shape.

However, I would like to avoid making the pattern above the red ring limit.
Also, patterns near red ring should go along with it, super neat.

Please give me an idea how to achieve this.

Thank you senseis

I cut your original brep with the plane, then used Split Brep Multiple to directly cut all the pieces.

Is there a reason why your base egg a Brep and not a surface ? It’s less than 2mm away from a nice revolution surface.

Giraffe pattern question (26.3 KB)

Hi Magicteddy,

Thanks for the help. This is a simpler version of the problem.

The original problem has more complicated shape, and the ‘ring’ is not planar in the original problem.

I thought about cutting it manually, but if the shape changes or shifts, it will need to be fixed everytime.

So I was looking for more of parametric solution.

Without the real shape, there is not much we can do here…

An idea could be to sweep a line along your curve, and use the surface as the cutter. No success guaranteed though. (8.0 KB)

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Thank you!

I will try it!