Gibson style top carve free form modeling?

HI, so I have been trying to get complex top carve of Gibson Les Paul guitar, I used two curves and loft to get surface and then rotate and move for control points of portion that is twisted, I did this because this is the only way I know to get concentric control points that I can later modify to get carve, so the problem I came across, on the center seam I have two sets of control points, how can I merge them or any other method of achieving this would be helpful.

5LesPaul.3dm (47.5 KB)

You can use the Sweep2 command, using a pair of guide curves. followed by the Match surface MatchSrf tool
Another possible method is to use the Blend command. to make a smooth transition between 2 areas, something like this:

The trick is to make the elevated area smaller.

LesPaul.3dm (573.4 KB)

I am just a guitar maker, not really qualified as a 3D designer, so I hope better advice will be offered by the surfacing experts on this forum.

If you want the surface to be similar to a LP you will need to modify your model a lot. The dome is way too simple - it needs to be more refined as does the transition to the valley, the valley and the recurve back up at the edge. If you don’t have an instrument to measure I suggest you start looking at plans online that have section curves.

Draw your section curves in Rhino and spend some time refining them. Reduce control point counts and use curvature evaluation to get as close as you can to smooth transitions that will fit together well.

Once you have your starting sections you can start to model with a series of adjacent sweep2 surfaces. I guarantee you will have rough seams and lumpy areas. I end up running contour through the surface and then soft edit curve and individual point editing, then networksrf using the split body outline and centerline as the perpendicular curves. Repeat until you are satisfied. High gloss environment map on the surface is often more helpful to me than zebra.

I’m sure there are better ways. Hope the surfacing experts can teach me.

Thanks for replays ill try with Sweep2 and networksrf, I am aware of the simplicity of shape and the curves I am using here but is just for proof of concept i will do a better job of tracing the blueprint conture line after I am satisfied with techniques i should use to model, I am planning to 3d scan actual LP and than do the 3d modeling.

So there is no way I can merge these control points or edges into one? cause i think that would be the best way to control the curvature of the actual shape.

No, that’s just how the geometry works, a strategy like that laid out by vikthor will give you the best control with NURBS, trying to ‘merge’ everything into one will give you an unwieldy mess. There is a way to do it as one surface cleanly, but then you’d have trouble controlling the outer edge.

So that method u mentioned how to do that? once when I lay down outer edge before creating the surface I won’t have to change it, I just need control of inner stuff