Ghpythonscript Revit API geometries ownership vs clashes

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When I generate a Revit element in the ghpython script using the Revit API, that element automatically belongs to Revit. When I create the same element again, for example to change the type of the wall, the ghpython script creates another wall that clashes with the previous one.

To avoid this problem in Dynamo, you write: wall.ToDSType(True), and then, the Revit wall belong to Dynamo, so when I change this wall in Dynamo I regenerate the previous one so that there are not two walls generated.

Is there something like this in ghpython or some kind of workaround? It should be a workaround because the rhino-inside components have solved this problem, but although I take a look at the code in github, I don’t find where this problem is solved. Here is the link to the github wall.ByCurve component:

Thanks in advance

That is called as Element Binding and it is solved in Native Components at the moment. As far as I know, team is developing an SDK and I think we can assume that we will have this ability once that is released. But we don’t have it at the moment. One workaround is deleting old object and recreating a new one programmatically.

Thanks @mucahitbgoker!

I didnt know it was called Element Binding. With this password you can find this issue already commented on other posts.


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hello Mucahit,

do you know if there has been any progress on this topic already?

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I don’t think so. any updates @Japhy ?

Element Tracking in the RiR SDK is scheduled for 2.0 now.

Hey, nice to hear that @Japhy ,
where is the RiR SDK 2.0 to be found?

Thanks in advance

Ignacio, This is where we are currently at Rhino.Inside®.Revit