Ghpythonlib.components throws error


I have an issue with calling gh components from python script.

The code below throws this error:

Am I doing this wrong or is this a bug?

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Hi @Johan_Lund_Pedersen,

Can you provide the .py or .gh file - whatever we need to reproduce?

ā€“ Dale

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I can replicate this and files a ticket to get it fixed:

RH-81296 ghpythonlib CullDuplicates can not convert python 3 inputs

#! python3

import Rhino.Geometry as RG
from ghpythonlib.components import CullDuplicates

points = []

a = CullDuplicates(points, 100)


@Johan_Lund_Pedersen Which Rhino version are you using?

Hi @eirannejad
Thank you.
Rhino 8 - 8.5.24072.13002, 2024-03-12

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I also have a similar issue. I am using, Version 8 SR6 (8.6.24101.5001, 2024-04-10).

what is the solution for using ghcomponents in Rhino8? Or am I doing anything wrong here?


8.6 is a bit earlier then ehsan fix. Please give 8.7 a try. Under check for updates Iā€™m the help menu set the build to release candidate and a newer build will be available.