GHPython Von Koch function on GH

Hello, first time I use Python Script on Grasshopper. I can’t find where are my mistakes. I am almost at the end but now I have this Error message. Is anyone could help me to find the mistake ? thank you.

Hi @manvj,

you might try to change line 24 to:

l = rs.AddPolyline([newPts[0], newPts[1], newPts[2], newPts[3], newPts[4]])

and then in line 26:

recursive(v1, newPts[0], gens-1)


Thank you very much for your answer.
Unfortunately it is still not working…

the last version :


hard to guess whats wrong without having a file to test. The error you get means that it cannot append to a tuple. You may change line 29 to create a list instead of a tuple:

allLines = []


Good guess !!!

Thank you very much. you have no idea how it helps me.