GhPython output format

Hi @piac,

I remember discussion regarding how the print displays within the GhPython editor.

Are we getting a fix any time soon? I’d like to see the prints line by line with a scroll bar at the side as currently I cannot see and check the complete result.


I wish to see the complete list there and not to have to hook a panel component. Line by line with two scroll bars (bottom and right) would be ideal.


To be fair, a collection will/ought never print line-by-line, unless you explicitly iterate over it and print each item:

2020-04-22 13_09_02-Grasshopper - unnamed

2020-04-22 13_09_24-Grasshopper - unnamed

That said, fixing the GHPython output window is also still super duper high on my wish list.


Fair point,

What I meant was to see the list as a single line in that particular case with scroll_bar in the bottom :slight_smile:

Indeed, this is very frustrating. I believe it is point 3 on the list I linked to above (i.e. Output window cannot scroll within one print call).

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