GHPYthon: how to call rhino5 function into GH Python

Hello guys,

I`m trying to call a function in RHINO5 called ‘MeshSplit’ into GH Python.
Imported Libraries:

However when I use function “r.Geometry.Mesh.Split()”, the fucntions avaible are only by Mesh and Mesh, Mesh and Plane. pls see pic below

But In RHION5, the mesh could be splited by curve. pls see the pic below.

So… I was wondering if I import the correct library?

Thanks in adcvance!

Native Rhino commands and Methods in scripting are often different… don’t be confused by similar names. For example here you can find methods you can use for meshes:

What Rhino probably does behind the scenes, is extrude the curve through the boundary box of the mesh, then mesh the result and do a Mesh/Mesh split operation. So this is the way you could replicate it in a script.

Thanks Gijs!