GHpython - Grasshopper breakpoint


I am experiencing a Grasshopper break point error when my Grasshopper gets to loading GHpython when it starts up. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue?

I may have cleaned up some folders in my documents and think that may have been the issue but I’ve already cleared my recycle bin so I can’t restore any folders I may have deleted related to GHpython.
Thank you in advance


can you enlarge the column “Mathod”?
Did you solve this issue?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi Giulio,

Thank you for the reply! Here is a more complete screenshot of the errors listed.
I wasn’t able to solve the issue yet, it still pops up whenever I startup Grasshopper. and then gets followed by a missing arduino message.

It looks like some module that has to do with Fractals is failing to load.
Can you rename all of your GHPY files to some other extension (or, alternatively, delete them or move them to a location where there is no other plugin) and later install them one-by-one?

It looks like one add-on is not working.

Thank you


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