GHPython component not aware of changes within?


In the latest version of Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.23080.12306, 2023-03-21) on macOS, the GHPython component now prompts the user, each and ever time it’s closed, to “apply changes before closing”, even if there were none.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 07.49.03

This is annoying, since I sometimes only want to take a peak without recomputing the component, and thus all down stream components of the Grasshopper definition.

Previously, it used to be the case that editor only displayed this dialogue, when the code within was indeed edited, which is a more sound approach, in my opinion.

By the way, I couldn’t tag this post with “grasshopper”, because apparently that’s not allowed in the Serengeti-Mac category?