GHPython causing crashes on MacOs


I’ve seen several application crashes lately - all seemingly related to the use of the GH-Python component. The issue pops up randomly, and seems to be related to the preview / autocomplete function.

At some times, when typing and hitting an ‘open parenthesis’ the GH-Python component will normally display the help in the lower panel:

and normally that works fine, but every once and while, when doing something simple as in the above, it will cause a full application crash. Normally, once the application is restarted, the same code will then run fine the next time the same input entered.


  • Macbook 2021, Apple M1 Max
  • OS 12.2 (Monterey)
  • Rhino Version 7 (7.15.22039.13002, 2022-02-08)

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Also, I have been able to isolate at least one crash cause. Using a GHPython component, the code:

import Grasshopper
print type(

will cause a complete application crash as soon as you type the open-paren “(” and the help tries to popup in the panel below. This happens 100% of the time on my system currently.

FYI, without the import Grasshopper, type() works as expected and the help gets displayed:


Hi Ed - this works so far here in my quick test - what GH plug-ins are you running?


Hi @pascal

Thanks for checking. Not too many plugins at the moment. Just one called ‘Honeybee’ and its associated bits, and another plugin set that I’m in the middle of developing right now:

I just tried removing all those, and I still get the same crash on the code I noted above (import Grasshopper, type())

In case its helpful or relevant, I’ve attached the crash report here as well
crash_report.txt (48.6 KB)

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Hey Everyone,

This was previously reported here, and should hopefully be fixed in Rhino 7.16.

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Ah - gotcha, thanks @curtisw ! Appreciate it.