GHPython Breakpoints

Hi all,

In the Python-script node there is the option to put breakpoints in the left margin, or I can at least put red dots to the left of lines of code, but they do not seem to do anything. The code does not stop running, it just runs through the points as normal. So I was wondering a bit, is those suppose to be breakpoints and if so, what am I doing wrong to use them? Anyone tried using these?


these are usually for debugging in IDE’s. if you choose debugging in your IDE (and not ‘run without debugging’), the breakpoints should work as expected.

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Thanks for your response! Do I understand it right then that the for the build-in script editor doesn’t have this functionality? So it’s only implemented in case you use an external IDE?

Well, I risk to say something wrong, but to me it looks like it’s just a fragment from code that David used to make the editor.

Alright I see, sound like it might be right, thanks a lot!