.ghpy file in Yak package folder not working

.ghpy file is working properly in Grasshopper Component folder (%AppData%\Grasshopper\Libraries) but not in Yak package folder (%AppData%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\7.0). Is there some way to get .ghpy files to work in Yak package folder so that I can create a Yak Package which has .ghpy file?

I would like to keep the component folder empty so that I’m using only Yak for every plugin which makes everyone’s life easier: plugin deployment and installing plugins.

Error when trying to use .ghpy file in Yak Package folder.

I double checked with the “samplepy_axes” package on the public server and it works. Does that package work for you too? Can you share your package with me privately, or at least a slimmed-down example to help me reproduce this bug?

Yes that one works. I’ll send you a PM.