Ghosted viewport Rhino 7


Just want to ask how can I solve one problem (or either if this is a setting from Rhino 7, in which case please correct it as it is a HUGE inconvinience):
When setting the viewport in “ghosted”, I can see the inner surface and the outer surface, as it is suopposed to. However, if I add a picture to the scene - behind the object and not intersecting this at all), the inner surface no longer appears in the screen (only the edges if these are “on”)!!!
This does not happen in rhino 5, and I cannot work like this, is fundamental to see the inner surface at the same time as the outer surface and reference picture.
Plase check the simple file below, place the FRONT viewport in ghosted mode, then turn on and off the “image” layer - you,ll see that the green inner surface disappears in is volume limits…

ghosted.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hi Carina

In order to get optimal help, can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing in these 2 different situations?
Also run the command SystemInfo and copy paste the result here in a post to give insight in the system you are running on.

It could be this is hardware related or you need a display driver update.



Here´re the two images - in the second one the boundaries of the green inner surface disappears:

Running the System info gives me this result:
system info.txt (1.9 KB)

Please let me know your insite.

Thank you,

it took strangely long time to open your file.

try to update your graphics driver and/or
try to deactivate GPU Tessellation in "SetTings->View->OpenGL

I experienced similar problems with my old graphic card.
this worked ok for me before changing to a new one.
It’s correctly displayed on my screen and I run on quadro K2200, but w/o GPU Tessellation.