GHGl Shaders - a bounch of shaders to share

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a small collection of shaders that I recently put together into a single file. These shaders are a compilation of various versions I found online, contributed by talented individuals such as @stevebaer, @Mariusz_Hermansdorfe, and @jho. I’ve made some tweaks and modifications to them myself, and I’ve also created a few new ones with the help of chatgpt’s creative input. :smile:

Feel free to utilize these shaders in your projects, make adjustments according to your needs, and even contribute your own shaders to expand this collection. I’ll be adding more shaders in the upcoming days and weeks. I’ve found them to be more efficient in terms of execution speed compared to traditional methods.

To make use of these shaders, make sure you have the ‘ghgl’ (7.8.0) plugin installed via your package manager (Rhino 7)

Happy experimenting! (192.5 KB)


Thank you very much for sharing all these shaders!

The Fresnel Shader created by @jho shows tris along the surface.
I see those tris in your GH either.
Is it possible to repair it?