GHA file conflict with latest V7 WIP

Installed today’s V7 update, and I’m getting this message :

File conflict

It seems you have installed two versions of clipper, one using an rhi installer, and the other using the package manager.
I suggest removing one of the two versions (possibly using the packagemanager command?)

I just updated Rhino 7.
Everything was just fine before that.

This isn’t a new warning feature, but with the switch from WIP to Beta it looks like plugins are coming on stream for Rhino 7 and that may be what’s triggered the check now.

The check is basically saying that Rhino found two different versions of a file with the same name in locations where it looks for plugins, so which one do you want loaded (there may be occasions when you want to revert to an older version). It also gives you a delete option so you can delete a version if you know you are done with it.

Clipper offers both .rhi file install and package manager install options and your two files reflect those options, with the .rhi one being an older release.

Not sure what that’s supposed to mean…
Anyways, this points out the need for a single, simple way to install GH Plugins.
And the other way around : opening a GH file which uses components from pluging which are absent should always lead to an easy automatic download of said plugin.

It’s just a matter of enforcing rules.

It looks to me that the clipper plugin for v7 automatically downloaded to the v7 plugin folder.
v6 does not check the v7 plugin folder so it wouldn’t have an issue, but if you start using v7, it will be loading from both the old folder and new plugin folder.

Just to repeat yet one more time : I have been using V7 for the past months.
I just wanted to point out that “Something” happened in the latest V7 update that caused this message.
Maybe it downloaded the clipper plugin on it’s own, I don’t know ; I have no recollection of installing it twice myself.
If it starts downloading plugins automatically, I find it potentially hazardous, and that makes yet another way of installing GH plugins , which was already a complete mess.
Just look at the comments section in “Food4Rhino” : most of it is people struggling to install the damn plugins for a reason or another.

With the launch of the beta, McNeel added a command MigratePlugins to allow allow people to migrate their R6 plugins to R7 (and asked beta users to report any problems encountered). Maybe the latest install has been set to autorun it. Perhaps @brian can comment.


Hi -

Just a quick comment on that one - yes, that was the outcome:


@osuire I can reproduce this behaviour if I have Clipper installed for Rhino 6 using any method other than the package manager and for Rhino 7 using the package manager. The following worked for me to get rid of the conflict error message.

  1. Uninstall the Clipper package using the _PackageManager and restart Rhino 7
  2. Re-install the Clipper package and restart Rhino 7 again
  3. Restart Rhino once more (I know, I know…)
  4. Run the _Grasshopper command and the conflict message shouldn’t show up

The multiple restarts are required because Rhino does it’s plug-in loading at startup. I know it’s a pain but it should be a one-time deal and in the meantime I’ll see if it’s possible to avoid the conflict message appearing at all.

Let us know if this doesn’t work and we can try something else!

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Yes : you can enforce a unique and clean install / uninstall process for plugins