GH2 vs HOPS (Deprecated?)

I’m a bit confused about the various ideas on the table.

GH2 is in R8WIP
HOPS is in R7 (but not R8WIP?)

Whats the concept moving forward.

I looked at HOPS because

  • it meant that I could use VSCode for my code editing
  • I can use my python runtime version & libs.
  • I can do charts like [this](

GH2 looks like an innovation but is HOPS deprecated or no longer a supported solution going forward? Or will/does GH2 Python scripting support VSCode and external runtimes & pip packages?

Hops is not deprecated. It needs to be updated to support .NET 7 which is what Rhino 8 runs on. That is the only reason hops is not currently working on Rhino 8.

For python development in Rhino 8; CPython is supported in core Rhino, Grasshopper 1 and Grasshopper 2. Pip install is supported in all three of these cases. External editor support is being worked on.

Thanks @stevebaer

Coming to Rhino from a dev background I’m familiar with the concept for the Rhino/GH platform, however the limitation around external editors like VSCode is a significant issue from my POV.

I’m still confused about the overarching concept. Do you have any high level strategic design/vision that you’re working towards?

Eg. Should I be using HOPS now, so I can leverage the HOPS model into the future? Will G2 simply become a viewer for HOPS models, components & diagrams?

Is HOPS the preferred technique moving forward or will legacy systems like .NET & VB be the preference moving forward?