GH2 unnecessary conversions

This is a detail… but felt like posting about it

I know this is something that grasshopper1 was already doing a lot, but this should not happen here.
There shouldn’t be a conversion, especially when I use the text parameter.

In short: this should not happen here, because Vl input can receive strings.
The conversion should only happen in the input of a component that expects a plane and receive this specific variable name (“wolrd”) as a string, eventually :slight_smile:

If the conversion happens at the Value component (which seems to be the case), then maybe it could have a slight autocolor or something when special grasshopper variables are set? (colors for example are also converting, and surely other keywords too). But the conversion on input is way better, since it allows any variable name to be used, even if some can be converted silently by GH.

Don’t hesitate to correct me or explain to me if I’m missing something !

ps: I know there is a separate Input text component, but who will be using that instead of Value for small variables like this :sweat_smile: