GH2 Suggestion from UE4 User

Hey, I have a couple suggestions for GH2 that I came up with while working in another visual scripting environment, Blueprints in UE4.

  • Disconnect wires by Alt-Click on wire itself.
  • Global variables with getters (and setters?) > less spaghetti.
  • Components are positioned relative to group-layer underneath (Like a canvas in a canvas), no need to add them manually, could be event-based on drag and drop > check for overlap and add to array.
  • Colored components, colorcoding without creating groups in groups everywhere > less clutter
  • Syntax-Highlight for Expressions and/or multi-line editing for better debugging.

Is there a chance you could implement those? I think all users could benefit from those little additions.

Anyways, take care and thanks for reading,
if these things are available as add-ons please let me know.


These are nice suggestions.
I think @DavidRutten, have some of these already in GH2. (read about it in the forums).

I was thinking of trying out Blueprints for a while now. I have UE4 installed but never had the time.

Very nice suggestions!

I’d start out with the Material Editor and THEN Blueprints. If want to check it out, this is a good tutorial:

Blueprints cover more than just geometry-analysis and manipulation, that’s why it’s bit harder to learn in my opinion. You need care for timing and efficiency way more than in GH, which essentially takes care for control-flow by looping through your script all the time. So you don’t only push data around but also trigger the execution via control-flow. It’s closer to real programming, you create events, functions, classes or even cast or create structs. All things that are based on C++.

I’m glad I tried it. I know more about program-logic and am working on a game myself right now. A 3D-modeller that let’s you create IFCs in Unreal. You could do animation, rigging, cinematics, realtime archviz and the list goes on and on.

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UE4 Blueprints seems pretty interesting & powerful.
I wonder what @DavidRutten thinks about them and what solutions/logic could be incorporated into GH2?

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NIce list… the GLOBAL VARIABLES would be very cool indeed!