GH2 stuck loading

All of them work
I opened the plugin viewer and manually loaded each plugin, one by one. Then I executed G2 and it worked…

Great, progress! Is the canvas slow even with an empty file?

We’ll have to figure out somehow what part of the regular loading is different enough to cause a problem. Obviously I cannot use the log, which is a bummer because that’s exactly why it’s there in the first place. However I’m on holiday until the 10th of December, so I won’t be able to work on this before then, sorry.

The invalid storable doesn’t matter. It’s just a way for developers to find potential problems with their classes that I cannot enforce via code based rules (specifically, C# does not allow me to require constructors with specific signatures on derived types </geek alert>).

G2Contrast displays a random background colour with a darker and lighter foreground shape. You click on the one you like best and a textdot is added to Rhino recording that preference. During the development of auto-foreground colours in the icon code I needed lots of data points so I could try and come up with a rule for when a foreground should be darker or lighter in order to show up better. Me and a coworker spend a day or two clicking away and we collected several thousand samples. I then did some statistics to find what sort of surface equation in RGB space best represented the implied limit*. This command is just a left-over from early development I haven’t removed yet.

* interesting factoid; the amount of blue is almost entirely irrelevant. Which reduces the problem to a 2D equation, which is much easier to evaluate.

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“Same” up to and including a very slow canvas redraw speed?

Yes, the file is totally empty and very slow (unworkably so). I can double-click to search, but the search bar appears outside of the GH window, and I can pull components from the toolbars down onto the canvas, slowly.

G2Contrast: very interesting, and (of course) way more complex than I expected!

Thanks. I guess I can try and artificially slow down the redraw speeds to see how that would affect the loading. I suppose it’s possible that GH is so busy drawing and redrawing the banner during regular loading that there’s no CPU left over for actually loading the plugins…

In the meantime, @curtisw do you have any idea why the refresh rate of the control might be so awful?

Yes, exactly the same. If you load the plugins beforehand, opening the canvas takes about 5 seconds. Then everything is slooow. if you hover over a component button it takes 2 seconds to highlight. Then you click and and release on the canvas and again another two or three seconds during which you can actually see it fading into existence… a very spiritual moment.

Now that is interesting. I’m not doing any blending animations when dropping objects on the canvas. Possible clue there @curtisw?


Hi. Does your rhino 7 take a long time to load too?
Mine takes a few minutes because it takes a long time to load the Rhino Legacy Render plugin.

No, Rhino 7 loads at normal speeds for me, it’s just GH2 I’m having problems with.

Hi. I had some issues with windows so I reinstalled it, keeping the files so not everything is fresh. I had to reinstall rhino 7 and 8. The problem in rhino 7, loading the rhino legacy render plugin is gone. The problem in rhino 8 / G2 is still the same. I will try a clean reinstall soon. Any news on mcneel side?

@Frane See if this post helps: PSA - Repair, don't Reinstall

Hi @Gijs. Thanks but I finally ended up formatting the partition and reinstalling windows. It now works perfectly. At least it’s not hardware. Rhino was the first program to be installed so I should be able to see if and when it is affected by other software. Maybe @Brayton_Orchard can try to repair if it works.

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@Frane, just clarifying: so after doing what you mentioned above, GH2 now loads quickly and is no longer laggy?

Yes, loads and works as advertised (fast).

@Brayton_Orchard, @DavidRutten @Gijs . here GH2 gets stuck at 7% if the display is set to 150% scale! (windows settings, display) At 100, 125, 175 and 200% it works fine!
@Brayton_Orchard does this solve your problem too?

Nice find @Frane!

Mine also works at 125% and 200% display scale, but not 150% (my default setting) or 175% (didn’t try 100%). Loading speed and canvas navigation seem very fast.

I cannot repeat that here unfortunately. I set windows scaling to 150%, restarted Rhino and G2, loads up just normal.

Hi Frane -

Thanks for that! We got this reproduced on a developer’s machine and put it on the list:
RH-72064 Grasshopper 2: Doesn’t load past 7% when display is scaled and Rhino is in dark mode

Hi Wim. Great that it failed on your side too! Just to be clear, in my case dark mode has nothing to do with it.

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RH-72064 is fixed in the latest WIP